Duplication Services

Our Production Director brings a diverse forty years of experience in advertising, video, major-market television and digital conversion. He comes from an old-school era where people read books, newspapers, listened to eight track tapes, records, audio tapes all in an analog environment. As the world quickly changed after college, he transformed himself into a digital multimedia expect which gives him greater creative ability to think out of the box and be more innovative.

Duplication Services

Disc Duplication

You have a DVD, CD or Blu-Ray Disc. You need two thousand. We can help. You can provide us with a graphic to be printed on each disc or we can create a simple label. Each copy comes with a simple plastic jewel case. Pricing increases with the length of the production, but there’s a discount for bulk orders.


2-disc cases, single disc cases with insert capability, and slim transparent cases with colors are the containers we use when we deliver your hard form media. Need something special? We can work with our suppliers to get what you need for your production.

DVD, Blu-Ray and CD Authoring

Whether it’s a small basic screen with a title and a play button, to an elaborate multi-tier motion menu DVD or Blu-ray disc with precise chapter stops, multiple menus and bonus features, Digital Transfers Service is your video conversion expert for the project.  Digital Transfers Service’s Production Director has overseen the authoring and duplication of over 250,000 CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-ray discs in the last thirty years for major clients like The Allstate Sugar Bowl, USSBA, DCI, Discover Orange Bowl, Indy 500, AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Valero Alamo Bowl, and The McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade. 

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Digital Transfers Service handles all steps in the process:

1) The graphic design artwork for the DVD, CD, or Blu-ray silk screen and menu screens for a unique look or one created to mirror your brand and printed artwork by our experienced creative design team.

2) The encoding and authoring of your master video and audio to the highest quality level possible onto the format and disc size you choose for your production by one of our technicians.

DTS uses state-of-the-art programs like Canopus Procoder, Adobe Encore, and Edius to encode and record your video and audio into the highest quality .m2v format for high definition, 16 x 9 standard definition, and 4 x 3 standard definition for your disc master. The programs we use run the master video through multiple passes of encoding to ensure the highest quality of video and audio possible.

All DVD masters are run through quality control testing on multiple systems to ensure the highest quality results are achieved. All features are checked on all discs are to ensure they are working correctly and compatible on over fifty brands of set-top devices and computer drives.

From the early days of tape-to-tape editing and A/B roll editing, to the advent of nonlinear editing in the mid-nineties, DTS’s production director  has produced and converted  video on cutting edge software programs such as Panasonic Postbox, Adobe Premiere, Casablanca Kron, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Camtasia, Grass Valley Edius and today Adobe Encore software.

Just like the video options, our audio capabilities also seem endless. From Dolby 5.1 surround sound to the capability of having 96 individual audio tracks per project, DTS audio engineers use their trained ears to adjust tone control, hi/low frequencies, and utilize parametric and graphic equalizers where needed on productions. Digital Transfers Service also use programs like Adobe Audition, Soundbooth, and Soundforge to adjust and restore audio to their best levels possible.

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