Digital Transfers Service

Digital Transfers Service converts all the most popular videotape & film formats from the 1950s through the 2020s. Everything from VHS, 2 inch, 1 inch, BetacamSP, ¾, DVCPro, DVCam, 8mm, 16mm, VHS-C, MiniDV and ninety-five other formats!

Highest Quality Analog to Digital Transfers

Digital Transfers Service does all the video conversion work in house at our Woodbury, NJ studio. Your tapes never leave our facility. After ten years video images start to fade off the mylar videotapes. Like photos and film, whose colors fade and grow brittle with age, videotape is hurt by time and chance.

Audio Transfers

Our Production Director brings a diverse forty years of experience in advertising, video, major-market television and digital conversion. He comes from an old-school era where people read books, newspapers, listened to eight track tapes, records, audio tapes all in an analog environment. As the world quickly changed after college, he transformed himself into a digital multimedia expect which gives him greater creative ability to think out of the box and be more innovative.

Broadcast Tape Transfers

Digital Transfers Service converts your media and tapes to the format and quality level of your choice. DTS offers preset industry settings in .avi, .mov and .mpg4 for high-quality transfer levels.

Consumer Video & Film

Digital Transfers Service transfers your tapes, film and slides to DVDs, USB flash drives and external drives. DTS can email files to your family, friends or colleagues in situations where timing is of the utmost importance.

Quantity Discounts for Entire Collection Transfers

Digital Transfers Service works with many TV stations, public & private libraries, school systems, colleges, universities and casinos around the country to preserve, restore and convert all their media to current file formats for storage and immediate playback.

Phonograph Record Conversion, Tape Repair & Duplication

Digital Transfers Service convert old vinyl records to audio files, offer duplication services, provide repair of broken tapes, transfer of movie film, audio tapes, reel to reel, CDs, slides and consumer video to .mpg4, .mov, .wav and .mp3 files.

Broadcast Transfers

Consumer Video & Film

Audio Transfers

Tape Repair Service

Duplication Services

Digital Transfers Service Preserves Your Memories

Digital Transfers Service can convert all those consumer VHS tapes, 8mm films, and broadcast tapes to DVD and digital files. DTS transfers over 95 consumer and professional video, audio, film, and computer file formats to the digital format of your choice. We even convert your old vinyl records to CD and computer audio files. This ensures that you will never have to worry about tapes breaking, colors fading, scratching, or not having the proper equipment to play and relive your memories.

Restore your memories

After ten years, your images begin to fade off the videotape, and on audio cassettes, the sound degrades as the tape stretches with continued play. The same applies to film, which also grows brittle and is susceptible to breakage during playback. Preserve your memories forever onto DVD or digital computer files.

Full-service duplication facility

We offer quantity discounts and are a full-service duplication facility. All the consumer work is done on premises at our Woodbury, NJ location. DTS also repairs broken tapes, demolds, and bakes tapes to ensure proper playback. Digital Transfers Service provides the highest quality conversion for residents of the Greater Philadelphia area in addition to a mail-in service to serve customers around the country. Our techs have over forty years of experience in analog & digital file conversion. 

Digital Transfers Service preserving, restoring, and transferring all file formats from the 1960s through the 2020s.

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Since 1995, we have had the pleasure of using the talents of Digital Transfer Services staff to help tell our story which has brought a lot more exposure to our life’s work. Over this time, we have relied on Digital Transfers Service to create marketing collateral in just about every possible medium and platform. From our facilitator training videos to event photography, ICAP, and NJ CAP has had DTS create everything from video emails, community relations videos, program DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, and all our website design & web development sharing our mission of child abuse prevention globally.

DTS is one of those rare companies today that still exists that goes beyond the call of duty. Always there to help us meet a deadline on short notice, we have been very grateful that they are always willing to be available after regular work hours and provide us last-minute services quickly when needs for unexpected production surface.

In this new digital age, they have been great at trouble shooting technical issues in house for our organizations over the phone. It is rare to find a company that offers such great diversity in the area of marketing and technology. Their understanding of the mission of our organizations and their use of finding innovative solutions for our marketing and curricula needs, has helped us stop worrying about the technical end of our work and has enabled us to spend more time doing our work of strengthening families and communities.

Cheryl Mojta Director of Operations – NJCAP – ICAP and Jeannette Collins, Director of Curricula – NJCAP – ICAP