wedding videotape conversion services
Preserve your wedding videos by transferring them to digital format.

Wedding videotape conversion services

The purpose of wedding videotape conversion services is to help preserve your memories. After ten years, images start to fade off mylar videotapes and the sound quality also begins to degrade. The same is the case with film whose colors fade and grow brittle over time.

Most of us have videotapes, audio cassettes, super 8 films, record albums and maybe even broadcast videotapes lying around that probably should have been transferred decades ago. The good news is that if these recordings have been kept in a respectable climate control environment, the decay may not be too bad.

What to do with VHS wedding video tapes

For many of us our treasured videotapes have outlived the lifespan of the VHS Deck we use to view it on. So the questions become, “Can my VHS wedding tape be converted to DVD?” or “How can I transfer my wedding video to my computer?” For the not-so-technical person it would mean buying a device, hooking up the numerous wires into the right ports, and then installing software. Software with an endless array of options of what quality level, bitrate, aspect ratio, audio properties and so on and so on. Eliminate the confusion with our wedding videotape conversion service!

If you are a person that is a little bit technically challenged this is definitely something you do not want to do unless you enjoy wasting time and being frustrated.

How do I get my wedding videos transferred to DVD or onto my computer?

The answer is to bring those videotapes to a trusted video production company like Digital Transfers Service located in Woodbury, NJ and use our wedding videotape conversion services. Digital Transfers Service’s staff has over forty years of experience converting over eighty different video, audio, film and computer formats to more commonly used digital formats.

Converting Your Wedding Video TO DVD or Wedding Videotape Transfer to Computer

Frequently asked questions about transferring my wedding tape to digital:

1) Can my wedding video be put onto a DVD?

Absolutely. Digital Transfers Service can convert over eighty formats to DVD. So if you have a VHS videotape, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Betacam, Betamax, MinDV or any other type of videotape, film or disc we can convert it to DVD.

My Wedding Videos Transferred to DVD

2) Can my wedding videotape be transferred to my computer?

Absolutely. Digital Transfers Service can authorize your wedding tape to a computer file such as .mpeg4, .mov, .avi or many other file formats. You could then watch it on your computer, Ipad, tablet or cell phone. You could even import it into video editing software to add effects or edit out any bad moments.

My Wedding Videos Transferred to DVD

3) Will my wedding tape look better if I have it converted to digital?

When you get your wedding video converted to digital it will be at the same quality level or better once the videotape conversion process is completed. During the process we sent the video through a time base corrector (tbc) which can improve the look of the video. If your video is a little dark the tbc can lighten it some. Are the colors a bit off, then tbc can reset them to the right color hue, or if you notice the reds bleeding the chroma can be adjusted down. During the process the audio goes through an audio board so that we can either raise it up or turn it down so that playback is at the correct levels.

My Wedding Videos Transferred to DVD

4) Is my original videotape erased during the video transfer to digital process?

No. The original is also returned to you in the same condition before the wedding videotape conversion service to DVD, or the video conversion to a computer file format.

5) Can I get DVD copies of my wedding video for my friends and family?

Absolutely. Once we transfer the wedding video to DVD, Digital Transfers Service can easily make as many DVD copies as you need at the exact same quality level.

6) Is it expensive to get my wedding video transferred to DVD?

No. The cost to transfer one two hour wedding video is $40. Additional DVD copies are priced at $11 a disc.  Digital Transfers Service also offers quantity discounts starting at six videotapes.

That same wedding videotape transferred to DVD along with four other videotapes will reduce the transfer costs to $30 a tape transfer and $9 for additional DVD copies.

7) How long does it take to get my wedding videotape transferred to DVD?

For our wedding videotape conversion service we usually turn around small videotape conversion projects in 48 to 72 hours. Projects of 20 to 30 videotapes delivery time usually take about 2 weeks.  Digital Transfers Service can also deliver same day conversion and duplication on smaller projects for an additional 30% expedited cost.


  • Never put a videotape on or near a magnet – It can erase the footage right off of the tape.
  • Keep videotapes away from television sets and other appliances that can demagnetize the tape.
  • Always keep your videotapes in a climate controlled area that is low with humidity.
  • Always rewind and fast-forward your videotape at least once a year.
  • Always leave your videotapes standing upright preferably on a bookshelf when not in use
  • Try to record things in SP mode – EP or LP recordings tend to degrade much faster.
  • Avoid dust and smoke at all costs.
  • When taking tapes from a cold to warm place – wait two hours until they reach room temperature before playing them.
  • Malfunctioning machines are the biggest cause of tape catastrophe. Test the machine using a tape that will not be missed. If a tape is damaged, do not reinsert it in the videotape recorder; the tape may damage the machine.

Help to preserve your memories

Digital Transfers Service does all the consumer videotape conversion work in house at our Woodbury, NJ studio. Your tapes never leave our facility. Our pricing is based on length of videotape and the quantity of tapes you are having transferred to digital. DTS also offers mail-in service to serve customers around the country. For computer file transfers we can move the files onto an external hard drive, a USB stick,  or email them to you through  Digital Transfers Service also provides duplication services so you can get backup copies and additional copies for friends and family members.

Our extensive video transfer service includes converting over ninety file formats to the digital format of your choice. Everything from broadcast videotapes to consumer home videos, cassettes, records and film converted to DVD and digital files. DTS provides professional quality with quick turnaround that saves time and money for all our clients. Call 856-387-8500 for your free estimate today.