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Entire Media Library Conversion to Digital File Formats

Digital Transfers Service has the capacity to convert hundreds to thousands of analog videos in your media collection to digital file formats.  DTS has worked with many colleges, universities, public school systems, libraries, TV stations, public broadcasting facilities, law offices and casinos to restore their professional videotapes to the highest quality of avi, mpeg-4 and mov files for streaming and archiving.

Recent video conversions

Call us for your quote today.  1-856-387-8500. Digital Transfers Service preserving, restoring and transferring all file formats from the 1950s through the 2020s.

Rare performance footage

Here are a few clips from a recent conversion project completed by Digital Transfers Service. DTS transferred two-hundred ¾ inch U-matic, Betacam SP, reel to reel, 16mm films and 1 inch type C tapes for Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. We had to de-mold and bake some of the ¾ U-matic tapes for several hours to get them to play correctly.

The collection had rare performance footage of several iconic stars like Dean Martin, Don Rickles, Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin and Merv Griffin. Did you know Peg Bundy could sing? There’s Katey Sagal on stage with Merv.

Preserving historical film

DTS also transferred 16mm films for the casino on the history of Atlantic City. Digital Transfers Services can convert your whole collection of broadcast videotapes and films, along with consumer VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 and 8mm films.

Video formats with high decay rates

Broadcasting entities like TV stations, colleges and public broadcasting systems have all used professional video formats of higher qualities for their programming. We are currently seeing three formats that are experiencing high decay rates.

This is why we would encourage anyone with these formats to have their tapes digitally converted as soon as possible. They are ¾ Umatic, 2 inch and ½ inch helical scan video tape.

In general after thirty to forty years the ¾ format is showing a lot of particle breakdown of the tapes.

Why tapes break down

The problem with this is that any tape showing these characteristics will constantly clog the videotape playback heads preventing playback until the head is cleaned.

On bad tapes they can constantly clog and damage the heads of the videotape player.  If this is the case they would need to be put through a process called baking, which will stabilize the tape enough so that the particles do not continue to flake off the tape.

After forty to fifty years the 2 inch & ½ inch helical scan format has lots of particle breakdown of the mylar tape. These tapes will have to be baked and cleaned before they are transferred. Ten to fifty hours of baking will be required to make these tapes stable for playback.

Digital Transfers Service for video conversions

We offer special quantity pricing and packages for collections of one-hundred to ten-thousand tapes.  Included in the price will be the transfer of the tape to the digital pro-res .mov file format H264 wrapper, cleaning, de-molding, baking and any repair of tapes whose leader has separated from the spool as needed.

DTS uses state-of-the-art technology to transfer all those outdated broadcast analog tape formats to the highest quality digital format possible.

Our process

Each tape is initially tested, followed by the exact tracking for the way the tape was originally recorded is set. Second the tape is played and the audio levels are set to the correct level so that the audio is not too low or over-distorted.

The video portion of the tape is run through a time base corrector which corrects and enhance all the visual elements such as luminance, black level, chroma and hue. The audio is run through an audio mixer and distribution amp to enhance and provide the best sound possible.

Production Services

Digital Transfers Service offers production services for award shows, trade shows and streaming shows throughout the Delaware Valley and the greater United States. DTS has served many organizations as executive producer for their awards ceremony or industry trade shows.

Awards Shows

  • Serve as the executive producer
  • PowerPoint slide production
  • Professional voiceover services
  • Scriptwriting and assistance
  • Professional video editing
  • Logo Creation and Display
  • Red Carpet and Stanchions
  • Professional Props
  • Master show rundowns
  • Videography
  • Video editing
  • Sponsor commercial and ad production

Trade Shows

  • Serve as the executive producer
  • Professional videography
  • Professional photography
  • Conducting interviews with keynote speakers
  • Promotional video production for recruitment of participants in future years.
  • DTS provides the following services for trade shows
  • Professional video editing
  • Sponsor commercial and ad production
  • Professional voiceover services
  • Streaming Shows
  • PowerPoint slide production
  • Picture editing
  • Professional voiceover services
  • Video editing
  • Sponsor commercial production
  • Broadcasting over the web