About DTS

Preserve your analog memories with our expert film conversion services. Our Production Director brings a diverse forty years of experience in advertising, video, major-market television and digital conversion. He comes from an old-school era where people read books, newspapers, listened to eight track tapes, records, audio tapes all in an analog environment. As the world quickly changed after college, he transformed himself into a digital multimedia expert which gives him greater creative ability to think out of the box and be more innovative.

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His experience includes:

  • video producing & editing in very fast-paced newsrooms and production studios for NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates.
  • developing a format and video production plan for one of the first home shopping networks.
  • twice in charge of a TV studio set-up for George Bush before each 1988 presidential debate.
    in charge of a TV studio setup for Dan Quayle before the 1988 vice-presidential debate.
  • became highly recommended to offices on Capitol Hill from many Senate staffs and Supreme Court Justice William Brennan.
  • trained foreign journalists and correspondents in techniques of Network TV News Production in the editing booth.
  • founded the Souvenir Video/DVD for major national events around the country and internationally. Documenting the event, practices, dress rehearsals, awards ceremonies, competitions, sightseeing, diploma ceremonies and participant interviews with multiple cameras in exciting  pageantry industry spectaculars & extravaganzas. These were edited in an MTV style with dazzling  graphics, titles music and digital special effects  added to enhance the viewer experience.
  • one of the early pioneers in using online video in the early 2000s for marketing.  Oversaw and led a technical engineering team to develop a streaming video prototype with .wmv files. He used the highest quality video encoded at the best quality that would play instantaneously for the potential clients.
  • produced more professionally edited per minute video than any other producer on the east coast. Expert film conversion services for over five-thousand productions, two-hundred thousand DVDs replicated and over ten-thousand petabytes of raw video footage shot in his forty year career.


Video for The Late Michael Jackson

His big crown jewel came when Sony Music contracted him to make a video for the release of the late Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits CD History in 1995.
Our production director was contracted by Sony to create an instructional video for Michael Jackson called “The Making of History”, detailing the manufacturing process of his greatest hits History CD. Documenting on video the technical process of how the CDs are mastered and replicated. From the delivery of the tape masters, to glass mastering, quality control testing and distribution. Our production director had the employees from each department explain on videotape their role in the entire manufacturing process. Michael Jackson and Epic Records liked the video so much that they used clips of the video on MTv to promote the album.

For 20 years, Bowl Games of America and Sky’s The Limit Productions has utilized the services of DTS to capture the images of major sporting event productions. We coordinate, reproduce them in mass for participants and provide online promotional services to help market and sell our services each year. If a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, then our video experience with Digital Transfers Service has been worth a million.

Doug Green

Vice President, Bowl Games of America